Ordering Human Hair Extensions

Q. How many strands or bundles do I need for a full head of extensions?
A. One bundle contains 25 strands of hair. The average person usually needs 150 strands or 6 bundles of hair. Thicker hair could need up to 8 bundles of hair in order to dominate! (Tip* Average OC bundles weigh 1/2 ounce/ Average OC orders weigh 4-6 ounces)

Q. How many strands or bundles do I need for volume?
A. You can usually apply two or three bundles of hair for a more fuller look.

Human Hair Extensions Info

Q. How to price micro ring hair extensions?
A. Reusable hair extensions usually start at $1,500 for a full head being the client will be able to reuse the hair for at least a year. You can also charge $10 per strand.

Q. How long will a full head of hair extensions last me?
A. Our hair extensions are one of the few reusable systems available today. However, around the year mark the average wearer usually wants or needs to purchase new hair. Very well-cared for hair can last anywhere from 18 months- 24 months. These hair extensions will naturally shed, so we encourage our stylists to re-tip the bonds with our OC Keratin Glue for a longer lasting life-span. (See our OC Secret Weapons Page)

Q. How often should the extension wearer return to the stylist for maintenance?
A. Every 6-10 weeks the hair extensions should be moved back up toward the scalp. (Tip1* The thinner the hair the sooner the wearer should return back for maintenance. Thicker haired-clients can last up to 10 weeks) (Tip2* You will want to open the bead and slide out the hair. Comb out any shedded hair and then reattach) The average person sheds 45-98 strands per day, which is important you relay to your client so they have a better understanding what the maintenance entails.

Q. How much should I charge for maintenance of micro ring hair extensions?
A. Most stylist charge an hourly rate and some charge a flat fee. There are pros and cons to both. However much a salon would charge for a full head of highlights is the minimum amount you should be charging per maintenance.

Q. What products do you recommend for this type of hair extensions?
A. Before installation and maintenances, clients should be instructed to use our OC Anti-Residue Shampoo to remove any residue or oil at the scalp, in order to avoid the beads from slipping. Conditioner should only be used on the ends of the hair. Extension-wearers should also avoid applying any products at the root that contain oils. (See our OC Secret Weapons Page)

Q. Can i dye/ color/ do keratin treatments on the hair?
A. Yes. Being our hair is 100% full cuticle human hair, it can be colored and treated as your natural hair. However, keep in mind that any processes that would be damaging to your hair will also be damaging to your extensions. Treat it well!

Q. What tools should I be using to apply and remove these hair extensions?
A. You can find a strand hook, set of pliers, and copper beads at local beauty supply stores or online.

Human Hair Extensions Quality

Q. Why is your hair quality better?
A. OC founder was once a hair extension specialist for the past seven years. She has made many connects throughout the past several years to find the best possible hair quality for each and every client. She hand selects and overseas each and every bundle of hair before it is placed into our inventory. We encourage all stylists to compare our hair quality and you will be able to see a true difference for yourself.

Q. There are many options to choose from. What textures do you offer? And what is your premium quality?
A. We offer Indian Remy hair in straight and natural wave in two lengths: 20 inches and 24 inches. We also offer Indian Remy Wefts in straight and natural wave, 20 inches and 24 inches. Our premium highest quality hair is our virgin Russian hair extensions. We offer our Russian hair in 20 inches and 24 inches as well. We sometimes offer virgin Russian hair in bulk. Check with our sales associate for further information.