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Indian Hair


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  • Dark Brown (13)Dark Brown (13)
  • Darkest Brown (12)Darkest Brown (12)
  • Black (11)Black (11)
  • Dark Ash Blonde (12A)Dark Ash Blonde (12A)
  • Light Blonde (7A)Light Blonde (7A)
  • Light Ash Brown (18)Light Ash Brown (18)
  • Golden Blonde (5)Golden Blonde (5)
  • Copper (1C)Copper (1C)
  • Medium Brown (1)Medium Brown (1)
  • Medium Brown with Red tone (1A)Medium Brown with Red tone (1A)
  • Platinum Blonde (32)Platinum Blonde (32)
  • Ginger (137)Ginger (137)
  • Wine Red (138)Wine Red (138)
  • Light Red (30R)Light Red (30R)

Product Description

Virgin Indian Remy hair is most common when it comes to hair extensions. The term "remy" is used exclusively for hair which has maintained the outer cuticle layer, a key component of strong and healthy hair extensions. True remy hair has a cuticle layer of the hair flowing in the same downward direction, the way it would occur naturally before the hair is cut. The cuticle layer is critically important when it comes to hair tangling, longevity, volume, strength, and how soft it feels.

OC guarantees that our cuticle layers are all facing the same direction; we assure the highest quality Indian Remy hair on the market today. Virgin Indian Remy hair is raw and in its natural state, which means it has never been processed or chemically altered. All of our virgin remy Indian hair can be professionally colored or bleached. All of our hair is hand-picked and sourced from the Temples of India and local suppliers. They carefully inspect, clean, and manufacture this raw hair into the finest hair extensions on the market.

OC Indian hair extensions are engineered to last you 1-2 years with proper maintenance and care. Our Indian Remy hair comes in two different textures: straight and natural wave, allowing stylists to perform an exact texture match for each client. Our Remy hair extension lines or natural hair extensions quality has proven to be the best throughout the years.